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  Vol 46  l   Year 2

May 17 2002


PRINTED WORDS HAS BIBLELIC EFFECTS- though these words were written centuries ago, it still has the same importance and reach.... and this too is universal truth that newspaper reading is like old habit.....which never dies.

With wave of discoveries we may present any form of media to avid reader but till he gulps newspaper, his thrust will never be satisfied. With keeping this thing in mind we came out with solution: A junction of all the newspapers of India and in all Indian Languages.

Person may be sitting in his drawing room at Tokyo/NewYork or while at his posting in distant remote village of india, with a single click on he can taste the flavour and aura of his OWN Land & Language. We predict-that this will be hard core habit of all netizens,...why don't you too join them and reach millions through is the best available medium for your advertisement............................

21st Century demands and dominates the Computer Age. More and more people all over the globe are accustomed of using the latest media facilities to update their day to day knowledge on Current Affairs, Political scenario, Economy, Sports and other needs of life. The youths of today find it convenient to surf the net rather then read large sized newspapers. We have developed and launched a Website "" which comes as solution to access and read Newspapers of all Indian languages available on Internet, that to without downloading the fonts.

@ Be it Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu (alphabetic order) you can access them all.

The site will have a small banner type mast on the links provided alongwith banner advertising space. The site will increase hit for both the web sites and also enable the surfers and the newspaper to have more coverage as well as readership. These banners are available for the potential advertisers to subscribe their Advertisements on this site at nominal costs on yearly term basis. In the present scenario, Net Advertising has become one of the major advertising mode.

We at, solicit your sincere support and request you to think over this concept of advertising your Product and enhance reaps and bounds in your field.

The popularity of this site can be verified by just typing "read indian newspapers" in search engines like google, yahoo, indiainfo, rediff etc.

In case of clarifications required and further informations call us or e-mail us, we will be right there to clear your query with utmost justification.

So Dear Patrons, enjoy surfing and do surf.

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